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Scrimshaw is a form of ancient maritime folk art.  Original museum pieces are dated in the early eighteen hundreds, but the art may go as far back as whaling history itself to 100 or 200 AD.  Whalers believed in using every part of the animal they hunted.  The meet for food, the oil for light and the baleen for many purposes.   It was only natural then to find a use fir the teeth and other small bones of the jaw, therefore, Scrimshaw was born.
In order to preserve this exquisite art form, without any adverse environmental consequences, offers our hand cast resin reproduction ivorine product.   Each piece is individually inked, antiqued and finished by hand in the United States.

Scrimshaw -The Starbuck

Scrimshaw "The Starbuck"
6" whale tooth (SCR04)

Scrimshaw -The Perry

Scrimshaw "The Perry"
6" whale tooth (SCR06)

Scrimshaw -The Nelson

Scrimshaw "The Nelson"
6" whale tooth (SCR11)

Scrimshaw -The Tamar

Scrimshaw "The Tamar"
6" whale tooth (SCR13)

Scrimshaw -Adventure

Scrimshaw "The Adventure"
6" whale tooth (SCR63)

Charles Morgan Scrimshaw

Scrimshaw "The Charles Morgan"
22" walrus tusk (SCR31)

Scrimshaw -James Allen

Scrimshaw "The James Allen"
22" walrus tusk (SCR30)

Scrimshaw -The Dakota

Scrimshaw "The Dakota"
3" whale tooth (SCR01)
(says: "Nantucket" on back)

Scrimshaw -The Lion

Scrimshaw "The Lion"
3" whale tooth (SCR02)

Scrimshaw -Coaster Set

Scrimshaw Coaster Set
set of 6 coasters & one cradle.
5" long (SCR59A)

Scrimshaw -Tall Box

Scrimshaw Tall Box
Maritime Box 4.5" high (SCR40)

Scrimshaw Round Jewelry Box)

Scrimshaw Jewelry Box
Round with Ship, 4" long (SCR34)

Scrimshaw -Oval Jewelry Box

Scrimshaw Oval Box
Oval with Ships, 4.5" long (SCR36)

Scrimshaw -Pen and Pencil holder

Scrimshaw Pen & Pencil Holder
Pencil Cup with Ship, 4" tall (SCR17)

Scrimshaw -Pin Tidy

Scrimshaw Pin Tidy
5" long (SCR16)

Scrimshaw -Paper Weight

Scrimshaw Paper Weight
5.5" long (SCR15)

Scrimshaw -Letter Opener

Scrimshaw Letter Opener
9" long (SCR551)

Scrimshaw -Maritime Game

Scrimshaw Maritime Game Board
9" across (SCR25W)


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