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The Barnaby Collection
Barnaby in his Nantucket Reds is the star of this collection.  This young bear was created in 1993 by children's books writer and illustrator Wendy W. Rouillard.  Each story and coloring book takes Barnaby on a learning adventure around Nantucket.

BC2bears.jpg (12684 bytes)
The storybook character, Barnaby, comes to life with this cuddly, adorable stuffed bear.
Made in the USA.

Barnaby the Bear

14" Barnaby Bear
with jointed arms, legs & head.

Baisley the Bear 14" Baisley Bear
with jointed arms, legs & head.
(Lightship Basket Sold Separately)

Baisley Mini Lightship Basket
(4"h x 3.5"w)

Barnaby's Faraway Land (paperbound) Barnaby's Faraway Land
Explore Nantucket with Barnaby and his friend Hector the whale.
(27 pages, paperbound)

Barnaby's Legend (paperbound) Barnaby's Legend
The love story of Wonoma and Autopscot.
(32 pages, paperbound)

A Penny for Barnaby (paperbound) Barnaby's
A Penny for Barnaby
Barnaby sets off on sailing adventures.
(32 pages, hardcover, & Barnaby Penny!)

Barnaby's Jigsaw Puzzle
(100 pieces, ages 5+)
Barnaby's Jigsaw Puzzle
Join Barnaby as he sails the ocean in this colorful nautical puzzle.
11.5" x 16.5"

Barnaby's Coloring Book
Learn the history of the Island as you color.
Nantucket Coloring Book
Color with Barnaby as he takes you to all his favorite places on Nantucket.
(32 pages, paperbound, includes crayons)

BCTisland.jpg (8258 bytes)
Shown with Lighthouse design
Barnaby's Toddler T-Shirt
Barnaby at Brant Point
100% Cotton

Design:   Size:    

BCromper.jpg (7393 bytes)
Shown with Hector design
Barnaby's Rompers
100% Cotton with snap front

Design:   Size:    


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